Founder's Club Scholarship


The Scholarship Program has been in existence for eleven years, starting in the Winter of 2003, and took a one year hiatus for the 2013-14 season. A total of $7,000 in scholarships will be awarded solely towards CMAC tuition expenses for each recipient. The program will be restricted to CMAC racers in the U16, U18 and U21 age categories for the 2014-15 ski season. Selections will be made by a four-person panel comprised of both CMFC and CMAC representatives. Applicants will be judged on several factors, including performance, demonstrated commitment and dedication, scholastic achievement and financial need.  Six scholarships will be available:

  • 2 x $1,500
  • 4 x $1,000

The application form will be available to download beginning early February 2014 on either the CMFC (  or CMAC ( websites. The application deadline will be May 1, 2014. To request further information, please contact Maureen Hammond, CMFC Scholarship Chair (

Good luck to all of the applicants!

Past scholarship recipients:

  • 2014 Scholarship Winners: Alexandria Oseland, Devon Toribio, Jordan Harrison, Makaela Bielaski, Sadie Kerslake, Ty Ellis
  • 2013 No scholarships awarded
  • 2012 Scholarship Winners: Jordan Harrison, Karina Schwartznau, Allison Frey, Alexandria Oseland, Mitchell Stone
  • 2011 Scholarship Winners: Mackenzie Bachmeier, Paul Meyer, Karina Schwartznau, Parker Scott, Cameron Stone, Mitch Stone
  • 2010 Scholarship Winners: Tessa Alger, Mackenzie Bachmeier, Gunnar Lindskog, Paul Meyer, Karina Schwartznau, Cameron Stone
  • 2009 Scholarship Winners: Hannah Dahlem, Lindsey Jackson, Gunnar Lindskog, McKenna McNabb, Carl Noges, and Cameron Stone.
  • 2008 Scholarship Winners: Carl Noges, Brice Bielaski, Paul Meyer, Hannah Stumpp, Hannah Dahlem, and Kristen Karr
  • 2007 Scholarship Winners: Carl Noges, Brice Bielaski, Luke Carpenter, Jameson Clark, Andrew Kraft, Haley Reutimann, Hannah Dahlem, Kristen Karr, Allison LaRock, and Nicole Lawton
  • 2006 Scholarship Winners: Allison LaRock, Amanda JurisStephany Backstrom, Carl Noges, Luke Carpenter, Brice Bielaski,Andrew Kraft, and Jameson Clark.
  • 2005 Scholarship Winners: Stephany Backstrom, Jeff Bayley, Brice Bielaski, Luke Carpenter, Hannah Dahlem, Kyle Fenn, Shannon Henry, Kristen Karr, and Carmen Winquist.

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