Volunteering at CMAC

Crystal Mountain Alpine Club is predominantly a volunteer organization.  We depend on parent participation to ensure our season runs smoothly and help us achieve our race excellence mission:

“Every race starts on time, finishes on time, and is safe and fun for every athlete!”

Becoming active in our club as a volunteer is one of the best ways you can learn more about the sport of ski racing and our club and there is a wide range of volunteer positions available!  Most of these are race-related and are outdoors at the course (the focus of CMAC volunteer program is to enable us to put on races!) but there are a handful of other positions as well. Each day of racing requires about 50 volunteers, so key is that you get signed up! 

CMAC requires families  to volunteer as part of the annual registration process. On the registration page you will see the option for a volunteer deposit. At the end of the season, the deposit will be returned to each family that completes their volunteer commitments in the form of credit for next season. (If you are not returning for next season, please notify the CMAC bookkeeper to get a refund check). 

As an example of how this works, family with a Sunday Mighty Mite athlete is asked to volunteer 4 days. CMAC will return the full deposit if all 4 days are completed. If the family only completes a fraction of the required 4 days, they are refunded their deposit at a rate prorated to the buyout cost. For example, if they complete 2 of the 4 days required, they will be billed for two days at the buy out rate of $150 per day ($200 for Saturday MM Prep).  

Families that choose not to volunteer may select the buyout option for $600 (or $200 for Saturday MM Prep and $300 for Advanced Prep) at the time of registering.  

Note that if you have athletes in both the Prep and other programs, your family is subject to the higher of the volunteer requirement.

Click here to view races and get you signed up! Details on how to use the volunteer site are here and in the video below.
Important note: you need to create an account at the ShredReg volunteer site. Your CMAC account used for registration is not shared with ShredReg. 

Already volunteered? Check out the sign up list here

Volunteer Commitments (per family): 


during ski
Buyout  Deposit  Charge per day
not worked 

Saturday Mighty-Mite Prep: if your family has only MM Prep program athletes

1 day per family

$200 per family $200 for one athlete per family  $200
Advanced Prep: if your family has an athlete in the Advanced Prep program but not one of the other programs listed below.  2 days per family $300 per family $300 for one athlete per family  $150
All other programs: if your family
has one or more athletes in these
   Mighty-Mite Race program
      (Saturday and/or Sunday)
   Junior programs
   FIS program
4 days per family $600 per family $300 for one athlete per family  $150

 Helpful tips for volunteering:

  • Sign up early to secure the position and dates you prefer.
  • Your account at the volunteer registration site (shredreg.com) is not tied to your CMAC registration account.  If you have not volunteered for CMAC at this site before, you'll need to create an account.  (This is easy - just watch the video below). 
  • Use a single volunteer account for your family.  (See the video below for details how to add a spouse to your account at the volunteer site.)
  • Remember that volunteer race days do not always coincide with your racers schedule.   Please Check the training calendar and plan accordingly.  You may or may not have lunches at the same time as your child.
  • Ask questions - we will help. Email volunteer@cmacskiracing.com
  • Sign in early on volunteer days so you can catch your breath before heading out to your position.
  • Remember your ski gear and be prepared for the ever changing Pacific NW weather. 
  • Please sign up for your volunteer commitment days by January 15 or you will be charged the full buyout amount. 

Volunteer Opportunities

This season we have several opportunities available for you to consider. Please be sure to review this comprehensive list of Volunteer Positions for more information.  A summary of these includes:

  • Race Volunteer: This season CMAC is hosting 6 races at Crystal.  Each race requires approximately 50 volunteers in order to be successful. 
  • Special Events Volunteer: Every year CMAC holds several special events and we need volunteers to help organize and run these events for the club.  This year we are planning a Social, Prep season BBQ , and End of Season Banquet.
  • CMAC Store Coordinator: Organize and distribute items ordered in the CMAC store. Contact Dale if you want to learn more about this role. 
  • Race Program Parent Representative: Parent/Coach/Program Communications are critical and every season we rely on Race Program Representatives to keep the lines of communications open.
  • Officials/Judges: Parents can also become licensed officials by taking a training session offered in the fall.  You can find out more information about when this is scheduled at http://www.pnsa.org/calendar/meetings--clinics--education

How to sign up for a volunteer position

You can see a quick demo of how to get signed up below or you can open this at at YouTube. (It views best in full screen mode.) Important note: you need to create an account at the ShredReg volunteer site. Your CMAC account used for registration is not shared with ShredReg. 



Click here to get to online VOLUNTEER sign up or view what you've signed up for! 

Questions?  For more information about Volunteer Positions send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator, April Kerslake at volunteer@cmacskiracing.com

Note: Volunteer Positions are allocated on a first come first served basis starting on the same day as program registration begins. Failure to schedule your volunteer days and/or missed volunteer days will result in a charge to you at the buy-out daily rate of $150 to $200/per day. Please choose your position and race days carefully as we can not run a successful race without your help.  And don't forget to sign up for your days prior to January 15th

Volunteer Expenses

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