Racers are arranged into initial groups  according to age, but once we are all out on the hill, the coaches will assess the skill levels and all groups will then be set according to skill, speed and other compatibility measures  to help create the best possible learning environment.  We can not guarantee that a racer will be grouped with friends or a specific coach, but we always do a great job of facilitating a fun and successful learning environment where new friendships are encouraged.

Group assignments for Week 1 are listed below.  These groups are subject to change at any time. Please check this list again on Friday evening before our FIRST DAY of training to see if your group has changed. Once we are out on the hill, the groups will probably change! 

  • Program Director:  Paul Clarke
  • U-12 Head Coach:  Rob Woolston
  • U-10 Head Coach:  Jennifer Winquist
  • U-8 Head Coach: Dave Johnson
  • All of our coaches are registered with the U.S. Ski Association and participate in ongoing training and education requirements which we establish to help ensure a quality staff.  Most have attained certification levels through the USSA and/or The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).  Most have alpine competition experience.  A background screening is performed for all staff members.  Other staff requirements include:  a genuine passion for skiing; the ability to create fun in the worst weather conditions; and the ability to generate endless smiles, which we call "perma-grin."

Prep Program Coaches

Coach Assignments for the first day of 2017 season:


Group #  Coach        First name Last name
6 Mitch Ian Alberg
7 Dave J Brendan Alling
7 Dave J Katelin Audette
11 David A Sofia Barros
11 David A Isla Bigham
11 David A Ned Bishop
5 Braden Patrick Bliss
6 Mitch Christopher Bliss
17 Art Cayden Brewer
2 Phil Darby Brillon
11 David A Leo Brillon
5 Braden Mia Burkheimer
11 David A Jacob Butler
17 Art Chelsea Butler
18 Paul F Sophia Butler
7 Dave J Isabella Caine
14 Newell William Callahan
18 Paul F Caroline Callahan
7 Dave J Christian Carman
14 Newell Maddox Carr
17 Art Evan Carr
8 David S Ryan Carter
11 David A Shane Carter
4 Rob Madeline Cohen
11 David A Jonah Cole
4 Rob Scott Colee
5 Braden Lilou Colle
12 Jenifer Joseph Collins
4 Rob Quinn Cordes
8 David S Oliver Cunningham
12 Jenifer Cael Cunningham
7 Dave J Chase Davidson
7 Dave J Tanner Davidson
1 Karyn Helen W Day
12 Jenifer Ian Decarie
8 David S Sophia deMella
14 Newell Julian deMella
1 Karyn Davis Dobson
4 Rob Steiger Dodge
12 Jenifer Evie Ebel
12 Jenifer Greta Ebel
12 Jenifer Margot Ebel
14 Newell Scarlett Ebel
2 Phil Charlie Frink
4 Rob Lauren Frohlich
1 Karyn Erik Griffin
14 Newell Campbell Habel
9 Katie Evelyn Hale
12 Jenifer Winter Harris
6 Mitch Adil Hasan
2 Phil Ben Haynes
5 Braden Jack Haynes
15 Jesse Liam Hazeltine
4 Rob Blake Heilesen
12 Jenifer Taylor Heilesen
15 Jesse Hanna Honchar
2 Phil Trustin Hopper
1 Karyn Nico Ianuly
1 Karyn Siri Inverso
13 Ken Elise Inverso
13 Ken Emma Ivanova
8 David S Grayson Johnston
4 Rob Kaleb Jones
15 Jesse Ellie Kampschror
15 Jesse Will Ketcham
8 David S Emma Kismarton
8 David S Conrad Krol
15 Jesse Liam Krol
9 Katie Nicole Kuperstein
1 Karyn Megan Larsen
2 Phil Cort Larsen
17 Art Julia Legler
1 Karyn Sydney Lennard
3 Amy Breanna Loosmore
2 Phil Jeremy Luo
3 Amy Sylvie Macartney
9 Katie Leah Macartney
15 Jesse Katie McAuley
9 Katie Nora McCarthy
13 Ken Cerridwen Meharg
9 Katie Anja Mejlaender
10 Mike H Aksel Mejlaender
3 Amy Molly Miller
6 Mitch Barrett Milne
3 Amy Shea Morrissey
2 Phil Charlie Nagle
13 Ken Gavin Nolz
17 Art Madeline Nolz
15 Jesse Ariana Vesna Nyzhnykevych
18 Paul F Maya Nyzhnykevych
10 Mike H Devin Owens
15 Jesse Charlotte Park
16 Jeff Katie Peters
10 Mike H Aspen Pfeiffer
16 Jeff Denali Pfeiffer
16 Jeff Addison Phillips
18 Paul F Cecilia Phillips
3 Amy Gwyneth Ramsey
13 Ken Marcus Ramsey
6 Mitch Tucker Richmond
16 Jeff Mac Richmond
17 Art Hilary Richmond
16 Jeff Logan Roberts
3 Amy Claire Rulyak
13 Ken Tanner Scharnhorst
16 Jeff Anya Scharnhorst
13 Ken Kailey Schreck
5 Braden Max Semerad
11 David A Charlie Semerad
13 Ken Tess Severns
2 Phil Akash Shendure
14 Newell Molly Simpson
18 Paul F Anna Simpson
3 Amy Alice Smith
14 Newell Taylor Smith
18 Paul F Olive Smith
5 Braden AJ Soucy
3 Amy Raya Stark
10 Mike H Paige Stewart
10 Mike H Gretchen Stroble
18 Paul F Cornelia Stroble
3 Amy Helen Swanson
4 Rob Rex Tanner
9 Katie Bea Tanner
6 Mitch Emree Thompson
10 Mike H Colten Thompson
16 Jeff Isabelle Thompson
16 Jeff Esme Tilghman
3 Amy Abbey Van Valkenburg
5 Braden Katie Van Valkenburg
2 Phil Ryder Veterane
17 Art Josephine Wais
18 Paul F Greta Wais
4 Rob Alexandra Warborg
5 Braden Owen Ward
1 Karyn Olivia Warner
10 Mike H Wyatt Whiton
1 Karyn Kendall Willie
2 Phil Mack Wineke
1 Karyn Owen Wright
6 Mitch Emalee Wright
18 Paul F Grace Younger
14 Newell Anson Zettle
17 Art Elek Zettle

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