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  • 26 Feb 2014 3:32 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    After the Sun Cup SG, the sun came out for a spectacular Sun Cup DH event. The snow was excellent all week. The kids and parents were enjoying the soft snow free skiing, but then it stopped snowing on Friday and the track firmed up just enough to have some great DH racing. Our U18 Nationals DH racer Andrew Osborne kicked off with a 3rd, and then was 1st on Sunday. Katie Hensien was 1st and 4th. Congrats again to two more Sun Cup DH winners!

    We had plenty of top scores as the FIS kids came back to race with our U16's. Including move up awards by Tess, Spencer and Katie. Defending Champ Nick Wurden finally got going on the last day to post an excellent 6th place finish, with Charlie getting a couple top 10's. On the girls side, Jordy was very consistent with 3rd and 2nd, as was Alex with 4th and 3rd. Talia came through with an awesome 9th on the last day after she missed a run due to a screw driver incident. You'll have to ask her about that that one!

    There was a huge improvement through the week as we emphasized tucking, line, carving and strong body alignment. We are getting pretty good at speed events, and all we need to be better is experience. Just attend as many DH races as possible and you'll find yourself on the NorAm, Europa Cup or World Cup circuit someday! Go CMAC

    Below is a link to one of the best runs of the week by one of our outstanding rookies Reed Lower. He is executing all the elements, tucking, line, carving, alignment, and the sheer desire for speed! We found that the last element, "sheer desire for speed" is the most important one for being fast.


    Also, we wish the best to Evie and her recovery. She lost her pole and glove out of the start gate, which made it very difficult to manage the camel bumps and she had an unfortunate crash. We hope to see you soon on the hill again Evie.

  • 26 Feb 2014 3:24 PM | CMAC (Administrator)
    As our U16 qualifiers were winding down to a close, we had many kids in contention for the Junior Olympics. John, Matt, and I were doing everything we could to get them to tuck stronger and take that extra little bit of speed to the soft and typical snowy track at Mt. Bachelor. Without speed training at home this season, the Sun Cup week became our speed training and racing at the same time. We again proved to be one of the strongest speed teams in the Northwest, despite the limited tuck and gliding training this season. Our years of experience came shining through, plus the determination of our coaches to push the issue on carving for speed and maximizing the aerodynamics, the kids responded very well and skied very fast.

    We were again placing 4 and 5 racers in the top ten with Ty winning one SG and Katie also on the podium with a second in a SG. So many results, you'll have to check them out on the USSA pages.

  • 26 Feb 2014 3:22 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    We started the weekend in a rain soaked SL, but the salt worked to perfection so the racing surface was excellent. They actually did not start the race until afternoon due to the need for last minute hill prep, so we raced until 5 pm, kudos to MHA for pulling it off!

    Skylar Cooley started off with a win, with Alex coming in second, and Tess rounding out the top ten. On the boys side, Ty came 3rd, Michael 4th, Devon 5th, Peter 6th, Spencer 8th. This set off a weekend of great racing and results. The weather changed to your typical wet sleet snow that Ski Bowl is know for, but again we continued to have great scores throughout the weekend. Katie won the GS on Sunday followed by another strong team finish with Sky 3, Talia 4, Ella 8, Tess 9, Sadie 12, Abby 15. On the boys side we also had numerous top finishes, with Peter coming 2nd and Ty 3rd, followed by Michael 5th, Spencer 7th, Tristan 9th. On Monday the scoring continued, check the results on USSA for more scores!

  • 12 Feb 2014 10:57 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    CMAC had some awesome results at Hampton Cup!

    Congratulations to everyone who went, there was some awesome skiing across the board despite the arctic like conditions! We had lots of top 10 finishes within respective age groups and some strong skiing across the board! We only had a few upper level CMAC boys racing but they represented well with Peter Moe Lange getting 5th place on Saturday, Nick Wurden with a 7th place on Sunday and Corbin Kray finishing 9th both days!

    The U14s showed up in full force this weekend having some great results! For the men’s race Saturday we had a stacked field in the U14 age group with Carter Jenderzak in 4th  and Max Shoening in 5th. Max also got the move up award for 39 places! The attack from the back is possible! CMAC also took 6th-10th place for U14 Men!

    Sunday we had Carter Jenderzak in 1st place for U14s -12th in the race and got the move up award; Conner Niemann 3rd and Will Frohlich 4th for U14s with the 6th-10th spots again all going to CMAC boys!

    The U14 ladies also came out swinging this weekend. Saturday Katie Holm got 5th place overall, 1st for U14s; Madeline Lafreniere placed 8th overall, 2nd for U14s; Grace Pepin placed 9th overall, 3rd for U14s; and Izzy Buck placed 15th overall, 5th for U14s! We also had many girls in the top 10 for U14s both days of racing! On Sunday Katie Holm placed 2nd overall, 1st for U14 girls; Grace Pepin got 9th overall, 2nd U14 girls; and Maddie Lafreniere got 11th overall, 3rd for U14s. It was great to see CMAC sweep the top 3 podium spots on Sunday for the Ladies with many other CMAC girls filling up the top 10 for U14s!

    Seeing so many U14s finish in the top 10 is a good sign of how strong we are skiing as a team going forward towards the Buddy Werner Championships!! 

  • 11 Feb 2014 8:38 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    In the 2014 Mitey Mite GS, CMAC’s Mitey Mites proved that CMAC has a wealth of developing talent.  Saturday’s racers braved a morning start time temperature of 8 degrees, while Sunday’s racers had to resist the temptation of 8 inches of champagne powder.  Not to be bothered, the girls and boys laid down some blistering times.


    U12 girls, led by Kate Jendrezak, took the top four spots.  U10’s were well represented by Poppy Honeybone with an impressive 5th overall finish, while the U8’s were led by Quinn Dennehy and her smoking 12th place overall!  Sunday’s results for the girls were nearly identical with the same age group winners as Saturday.


    On Saturday, U12 boys wisely followed the lead of the girls, with Lewis White taking the top spot, followed by 3 other U12’s.  As with the girls, 5th place overall was taken by U10 Karsten Farris, while the U8’s were led by Lucas Broussard.  Sunday’s results were similar, with Karsten Farris moving up from 5th to 4th overall! 


    Well done!  Thanks to all athletes, coaches and volunteers!  For complete results, please visit: http://www.live-timing.com.

    Thank you to Brian Jansenn for this report!
  • 11 Feb 2014 12:19 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    CMAC scores a load of NW Cup Points at Stevens Pass!!


    Congrats to the superb skiing at the NW Cup at Stevens Pass. The U16 kids joined the FIS kids for this event and this helped CMAC combine for a ton of NW Cup Points. Jordy Harrison become the NW Cup leader on Monday as she won the first SL, and scored another podium on Sunday. Katie Hensien had a great weekend as well, coming in second for both slaloms. Andrew Osborne continued his strong season with a 2nd place SL on Saturday, with many boys scoring points. Christian won a second run of SL, and Mitch had an outstanding 6th place in GS. We again had so many podium finishes and huge move ups the results go on and on. Sydney Janssen got two move up awards and Petie Russell got the other one. On Monday, Alex Oseland scored a 2nd place with Skylar Cooley in 5th. 

    We had numerous kids in the top 15 and top 30 all weekend long, so we are well on our way to a top finish in the NW Cup Team standings. Again a spectacular team performance! 

  • 11 Feb 2014 11:31 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Christian Hanseler wins night SL for 2nd year in a row! Katie Hensien wins the womens!


    CMAC had another strong performance at the night slalom at Alpental. It was a typical deep rut night at the summit, so it was business as usual for night skiing at the Summit. Our kids rode the ruts to many podium finishes. It was also fun to have our enite junior team in attendance, all the FIS/U16 and U14's were racing together. Congrats team. 


    Link to results:





  • 30 Jan 2014 5:41 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The Western Region Speed Series at Schweitzer saw many fog delays and rescheduled races but ultimately all were completed. The series was all about gaining experience. It was the first running for a downhill at Schweitzer with the new track cut last summer, which added a fun element to the series. All of our athlete showed great patience dealing with multiple delays and learned a lot about the subtleties of speed. It was the first FIS DH races for Charlie, Riley, Braydon, Jordy and Steph. Congrats to Andrew Osborne for 3 top 10s overall, podium finishes in the U18 class and qualifying for the U18 Nationals!

    Thanks to Scott Macartney for this report!

    Fog photos from Schweitzer...

  • 22 Jan 2014 6:26 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Numerous podium finishes at the U16 Qualifier!


    Our U16 group got off to a strong start to the season with numerous podium finishes and lot's of kids scoring points toward the JO qualification. Last year. Coach John Ellis brought the Fog wax, and it was decent weather, so the fog wax went unused at the notoriously foggy Mt. Spokane. This year he was going for perfect weather, so he invented Fog B Gone, and it worked perfectly. We had sunshine and blue skies!


    An unusual highlight of the week was an act of true sportsmanship. Peter Moe-Lange placed 2nd in a SL, but he appeared to hook a tip directly in front of many coaches and spectators. The gate keeper did not have him on the DSQ list, so the Referee asked Peter to review his own video. Peter determined that he had hooked the tip and did a voluntary DSQ. Peter is a great skier, and will easily qualify for JO's. He gained a huge amount of respect from the coaches and officials throughout PNSA. Congrats on great skiing Peter!


    With way too many top scores and move ups to report throughout the weekend, you'll have to check out the results yourself!


    Here is a link to the results: http://www.gossra.org/index.php/news-a-info/results


    And from Chris LeCuyer:  We all had a fantastic weekend at Mt. Spokane and the first U16 Qualifier of the season. SSRA put on their usual well organized race. For all of you veterans out there, we had glorious sunny weather and nice temperatures. Coach Lauba had a packed house for video session Sunday evening. But wait, there’s a Seahawk NFC champs game on! Priorities… Quite a weekend to see such great results from all of our athletes and get to watch “the game” together!

  • 14 Jan 2014 7:34 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The CMAC FIS team would like to give a big THANKS to SARS (Schweitzer Alpine Racing School) and Schweitzer Mountain for allowing us to train with them up at Schweitzer!

    Over Christmas break CMAC FIS team got the opportunity to go over to Schweitzer for some early morning SG and GS training due to the low snow at Crystal. After four days of excellent training on great snow conditions and some hard work setting up B-Net the FIS team was ready to tackle the NW Cup races at Schweitzer.

    Four days of challenging races saw some great move-ups and results for the FIS team. Overall our entire team showed huge improvement throughout the training and races.  Keith McNabb finished 5th and 6th in the two SGs and 4th in one of the GSs. Andrew Osborne had a 10th place result in SG and a 13th in GS. Lawrence Dickey finished 12th in a GS. For the ladies Jordan Harrision finished 15th one of the GSs and Lily Eriksen CMAC alum finished 6th in one of the SGs.

    Points-wise our team did very well! Charles LeCuyer, Riley Hunter, Mitch Stone, Andy Koefoed, Andrew Osborne, Lawrence Dickey, Christian Hanseler, Stephanie Frey, and Natalie McFall all lowered their points in one or both events! Our first year FIS athletes Corbin Kray, Liam Fenn, Braydon Hall, Reid Reininger, Jordan Harrison, Allie Frey, Sarah Hampson, Siri Knudsen, and Megan Wurden all scored and gave themselves some great points to start off the year in GS and SG!

    Thanks to Matt Hammond for this report! 

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